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If your organization has a Microsoft Windows Server and all the users are managed via Active Directory you may want users to authenticate to an ASP.NET application via the same user name and password they use to sign into Windows. By integrating with ASP.NET with Microsoft Active Directory you can make this possible. Winning Solutions, Inc. can assist you with some or all of this fairly complex process.

Users will like it because they do not have to remember another password. Administrators will like it because they can manage database users through an existing tool they are already managing network users with.

So why would you want to control who gets into a database. Besides just general data security, you can define user levels and the user rights and restrictions for each user level. This will require some additional programming of your ASP.NET database, but this will allow you to control who sees what and what they can do in your organization’s ASP.NET database. If you own the company and you are the only database user, then you may not need any login system at all.

Active Directory integration with Microsoft ASP.NET applies to new databases that are going to be programmed. It can also be retrofitted to an existing database. WSI can assist just with the Active Directory integration process or WSI can also assist with creating the entire database or adding user levels to an existing database.

If you would like to get a quote on what it will cost to integrate your Microsoft ASP.NET database with Microsoft Active Directory, please Contact WSI today for a no obligation quote.


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